The Chinese company Laibao will increase the production of touch-based film panels

Laibao Touchscreen

The Chinese manufacturer Laibao, is one of the leaders in the production of so-called touch-screen panels glass-based, i.e. made with a layer of glass.

The company announced its intention to increase the production of touch-screen panels for smartphones with another technology, film-based therefore no longer based on the glass but on films sensitive to physical inputs, from 2015.

Laibao he first created the two-layer touch-screen glass panel for smartphones at the end of 2013, as well as introducing the technology OGS in notebook displays. Currently Laibao he sent about 600.000 OGS touch-screen panels for notebooks with growth prospects of around 80 / 90% before the end of the year.

We are therefore faced with a rising company that tries to compete with the other manufacturers of touch-screen panels, which are in turn adopting the technology film-based.