Xiaomi introduces the new Mi Power Bank: aluminum, 5000mAh and 9.9mm thickness to 6 euro!

Xiaomi powerbank

"Not just thin", Xiaomi had said it, it's us who were wrong. The new device of the Chinese house presented today is not in fact the much-discussed MiFi 4G LTE hotspot, but rather a new power-bank with really interesting features: thickness of 9.9 mm, capacity of 5000 mAh and price of only 49 yuan, worth to say about 6 euro at the current exchange rate.

Subtle and powerful, these are the characteristics that describe exactly the new accessory unveiled today by the Chinese giant Xiaomi. Contrary to the presentation, now certain for sure, of the portable hotspot with support for 4G LTE networks, Xiaomi unveiled today a new powerbank, thin and elegant, with an outer covering completely made of aluminum (according to the info available at the moment, the latter would work to give the same touch-and-feel of MacBook series laptops).

Xiaomi powerbank

Offer at an absolutely incredible price, only 49 yuan, for the new Mi Power Bank the company did not want to save on the choice of materials and quality: the new lithium-polymer batteries on which it can rely have been provided by ATL, the same subcontractor working for Apple, the chips for the management of the integration of USB instead of the American giant Texas Instruments.

The battery-pack compartment at this point. it seems more than covered. The start of sales is scheduled for tomorrow at 12.00 in Chinese time point (the 05.00 in Italy).