WA, here are the images of the launcher!


Waiting for the 6 December, the day on which WA will formalize its "king of smartphones", New images emerge concerning the mysterious terminal.

This time the rumors are about the graphical interface with which the smartphone will present itself to the user. Let's talk about what, for many users, is one of the most important elements in the choice of a new device, which often affects the usability in a more consistent way than the pure hardware performance.

Wa launcher

This explains how important it is for a new company that faces the market to focus on a simple but functional GUI, the flagship of a stable and bug-free ROM. Only in this way, in fact, the newcomers can differentiate themselves in a market that is in many ways saturated but that often has terminals with software products that are not up to standard.

The spread of today's images, therefore, could be a symptom of the will of this new company to focus a lot on the software aspect to create a true "smartphone king". As you can see from the images, the icons appear squared, with slightly rounded edges, from the vague Miui aftertaste. The colors appear saturated, the contrasts particularly accentuated to counterbalance the flat effect that is lately so fashionable.

We also remember that the terminal we already have several rumors, starting from some photos appeared recently and continuing with the specifications, although incomplete. In particular, we note the 64-bit MT6752 processor that manages an 5.5 "FHD" screen and the inevitable LTE connectivity. There will also be a LED for notifications.

Given the imminent marketing, however, we expect to have more information on the specifications soon!

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