Released MIUI 4.11.14 Italian pack


As usual, after the release of each weekly release by the Xiaomi developer team, here comes this week theItalian pack is preferably used for MIUI 4.11.14 released last Friday.

The merit of each Italian localization of the MIUI (ie translation and adaptation of the ROM) is, as always, of MIUI Italy, the Italian community that, for years, has been contributing to this excellent Android interface.


Furthermore, for all owners of Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G LTE, I inform you that the Italian team used, for the release of this release, the developer version which, for your joy, is based on MIUI 6.

<strong>The Eurobursar</strong> MIUI Italy informs that, starting from the 4.6.27 version, the version of the MIUI ROM used as a basis for the Italian translation is the multilingual one issued by (if you were looking for you will find the exact same ROMs, they are always to deal with them), which already includes the translations of all the communities, including Italian. For every weekly release the local team does nothing but rebuild every single ROM with the new translations related to the new features introduced or improvements made to the interface.

Obviously, if you install a multilanguage version before the last released (in this case before the 4.11.14 which is the most recent), you will have the Italian translation of the ROM until its release immediately before. And, again for this reason, if you decide to install a multi-language version of MIUI before the last Italian Pack is released, you will not have any extra translations, nor any additional translations related to any new features introduced by the Xiaomi development team.

Below is a list of compatible terminals with corresponding version MIUI available for this release:

Xiaomi Mi1 / 1S: 4.11.14 (MIUI 5)

Xiaomi Mi2 / 2S: 4.11.14 (MIUI 5)

Xiaomi Mi2A: 4.11.14 (MIUI 5)

Xiaomi Mi3: 4.11.14 (MIUI 6)

Xiaomi Mi4: 4.11.14 (MIUI 6)

Xiaomi MiPad: 4.11.14 (MIUI 6)

Xiaomi Redmire 1: Stable 25V1 (MIUI 5)

Xiaomi Redmi 1S: Stable 45V1 (MIUI 5)

Xiaomi Redmi Notes: Stable 37V1 (MIUI 5)

Xiaomi Redmi Notes 4G LTE: 4.11.14 (MIUI 6)

Google Nexus 5: 4.11.14 (MIUI 5)

Google Nexus 7 II: 4.8.22 (MIUI 5)

OnePlus One: 4.11.14 (MIUI 5)

Now, if interested, you can download the MIUI 4.11.14 italian pack.

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