Meizu MX4 and Honor 6: comparing temperatures

Huawei Honor 6 vs meizu mx4 gaming temperature
Test carried out during a game session

With the development of technology, it is natural to see the increase in the so-called "raw power" (as the operational and calculation capacity of a top-of-the-range smartphone is often defined). This increase consequently leads to the question: how will the heat be dissipated by the device? It will overheat excessively. or not?

From the photos we present to you today you can see the comparison between the temperatures reached by two much "talked about" devices in recent months: Meizu MX4 e Honor 6.

The test was carried out by pointing a thermal camera at the two devices in question, "portrayed" in three different conditions of use: game session, reproduction of a movie e video recording.

To understand the meaning of these images it is necessary to explain how the thermal camera detects the difference in temperature reached by the devices: high temperatures (or tendentially higher) in the points of red more obvious, lower temperatures (or tendentially lower) in the most tending points to green / blue.

As you can see from the images, the Meizu MX4 reaches temperatures significantly higher in all three situations tested, synonymous with the SoC Mediatek Octa-Core MT6595 and GPU PowerVR G6200 MP4 overheat a lot. Another hypothesis is that of a not entirely optimal dissipation, which would still mean reaching higher temperatures despite the CPU and / or GPU not overheating excessively.

Honor 6, with SoC Kirin HiSilicon 920 e GPU Mali-T628 MP4, it would seem to behave better.

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You own a Meizu MX4 and / or a Honor 6? Can you confirm or deny the value of this test by telling us about your personal experiences?

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