Huawei and MediaTek among the "Top 100 Global Innovators 2014"

Thomson reuters Top 100 Global Innovator 2014

The US information company Thomson Reuters has since poco drafted the annual report on the 100 world companies with the highest rate of innovation, better known as "Top 100 Global Innovators". To say it was the USA and Japan, strong of their great hi-tech tradition and of the important share of capital that has always been devoted to research and development; however, the presence of two very dear companies, Huawei and MediaTek, caught our attention.

Standard-bearer of China and Taiwan respectively (the latter together with ITRI), Huawei and MediaTek are among the main world companies selected by the Thomson Reuters group, on the basis of a methodology that takes into account the total volume of patents, the percentage of success in issuing the same, the degree of protection of these intended as an effort for intellectual defense on the global territory, and the end of the impact generated by a registered patent on inventions made by any competitors active on similar markets.

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With about 7000 invention patents and 1000 design patents registered in the month of August alone, more than 65 thousand patent applications filed at the deputy offices of the USA, China and Europe, and a share close to 10% of the total turnover destined for Research & Development , Huawei has been able to earn the respect of its partners, its investors and also that of its competitors. Shao Yang, vice-president of the Huawei Marketing division, commented: "One of the secrets of the success that accompanies us in our global expansion has been and continues to be the great commitment to research and innovation. The recognition by Thomson Reuters confirms this commitment".

It is also easy to understand the success of the Taiwanese semi-conductor company: with a turnover of about 20% that every year is destined for research (1 billion of doles for 2014 only), after the numerous awards won for the last solutions, the very important partnership with Google in the Android One project has arrived.