Huawei invests for the 5G

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Huawei It is one of competitors on the market that is investing the most in the 5G Innovation Center of the University of Surrey (5GIC), in Guildford in the United Kingdom.

Il 5GIC it is the independent institution more important to the world in the field of research and experimentation of 5G networks. Huawei, a founding member of the center, is working together with other operators at the first field test of this future innovation. For this purpose it has already allocated equipment and capital for 5 million pounds, first step waiting for 600 million dollars that Huawei plans to invest within the 2018 for the development of 5G solution. We will have to wait at least a year for the test to be concluded, through three distinct phases, the first of which will be operational by April 2015.

The 5G network will allow one impressive data transmission speed compared to current standards, including between 1 and 10 gigabit per second. Wireless connectivity will also benefit from innovation, with positive implications in areas such as health care and transport, as well asEntertainment.

Huawei 5G

Encouraging words have been expressed by the British Minister of Culture and the Digital Economy, as well as Huawei's CTO Tong Wen, who obviously reiterated the important roles played by England and the Chinese company in developing this fundamental innovation. Also the director of 5GIC, Rahim Tafazolli, highlighted the commitment of the center in the success of this project, opening also to external collaborations with SMEs and innovative start-ups.

But how will this new technology develop in detail? The first phase will focus on the creation of a radio access network cloud-based, so as to obtain a new bandwidth for 5G connectivity, including the scattered multiple access code (SCMA)

The end of the test is scheduled for September 2015, when the 5G network will cover the entire university campus, with a catchment area of ​​17000 students. The ultimate goal is to make 5G technology available worldwide before 2018.