Huawei: 5G will be available in Russia for the 2018 World Cup!

Huawei MegaFon 5g

For us Italians, 5G is something mysterious and remote in time. It couldn't be otherwise, on the other hand, as we live in a country where 4G is still far from being a common technology. If we then think that only Tim and Vodafone can offer LTE service to the majority of the population, while minor carriers suffer from chronically insufficient coverage, we realize that 5G will remain for us only a utopia for a long time.

While Italian carriers are preparing for the enormous economic effort necessary to remain competitive, however, in the Asian continent there are already those who are thinking about the future of mobile connectivity. We are talking, of course, of Huawei, which had already shown its intentions investing in the 5G Innovation Center University of Surrey.

Huawei 5G

When, just two weeks ago, we talked to you of this company's vision for the future of telecommunications, we said that we would not see anything commercial before 2020. NTT DoCoMo, in fact, announced that 5G connectivity would be available at the Olympic Games of that year and the the entire mobile industry had indicated that date as the beginning of the 5G era. Well, the Chinese giant did not take long to deny us, by signing a letter of understanding with MegaFon, the second largest mobile network operator in Russia.

The memorandum, which is the latest in a long series of agreements signed since 2002, provides for cooperation between the two companies to determine the requirements of future 5G networks and periodic meetings in which Huawei will inform the Russian carrier on the progress achieved.

Huiawei 4g 5g timeline

The ultimate purpose of the agreement, however, is to make the connectivity of the future available to the participants and visitors of the 2018 World Cup. A first phase, necessary to achieve this ambitious goal, consists in the implementation of a test area and in the creation of a dedicated team. The latter will have the task of testing the technologies provided by Huawei and will have to complete all operations by June 2017. The second phase, therefore, will consist in covering all eleven cities that will host events related to the 2018 World Cup in time for the start. of the latter.

Given that the connectivity of the future has not yet been standardized, Huawei's commitment is as hard to maintain as it is a source of pride for the company. It is no coincidence that Ryan Ding, president of the Product and Solution section of the Chinese colsso, proudly stated that "with the help of MegaFon, we are sure to be able to transform science fiction services into real 5G, for Russian citizens and fans. of football around the world, two years before the estimated date of the introduction of 5G, 2020 ".

Do you think they will succeed in the enterprise? When do you think we will also see the Italians as 5G? Answer in the comments!

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