Flyme 4.0 - here's a Material Design theme [download]

Flyme 4.0 Android Lollipop

If you are one of those who can not wait to see the release of the Flyme rom based on the latest version of the robot, Android Lollipop, if yours (pass us the term) "monkey"It increased after the leak we showed you the other day and if you think that Flyme and its indisputable flat-style is already beautiful, then"who knows how it will be in Material Design"... this is the posto right for you! We present the first theme for Flyme 4.0 inspired by Android Lollipop, downloadable for free from the Meizu store.

During the last Google I / O, the Mountain View giant officially unveiled to the world the project of the new Android firmware, namely Android L (later later, only recently, Android Lollipop).

Among the myriad of new features implemented, the one that will surely catch the eye is the new design order that characterizes the whole system, a style better known as Material Design (a small revolution, however, not only on an aesthetic level): clear lines, less saturated colors, flat icon design and, in a certain way, even more minimal.

Android Lollipop - Material Design

Meizu had, we say it on tiptoe, introduced this new style of design well in advance, making the flat-style to the mobile world well before Apple released its penultimate version of iOs; it is worth underlining that, however, principles that had become the cornerstone of a style for Meizu, with the new Material Design by BigG, are certainly taken to extremes.

The theme for Flyme 4.0 that we want to show you today is free and can be downloaded directly from the Themes section of the official store. Given the difficulty of accessing it (the dominant language is Chinese), in this post we will guide you step by step in the download and in the subsequent installation.


- Open the app dedicated to the themes: among the applications on our Meizu-phone let's select "Customize";

- Locate the theme: in the semi-translated window that will appear, let's go to the magnifying glass at the bottom to search; then type "onel" and select the first of the two results that appear;

- Download and then install the theme: Once you have entered the theme page, press the green "Install" button and you will start to download the file from the weight of 6.99MB. When the download is complete, go to the Themes app and complete the installation by pressing "Apply".

If you want to go back to your previous theme, simply select the icon with the three crossed circles at the bottom, from where you can move on the "Module" menu to re-edit (in addition to other things) the theme of your Meizu smartphone.