Xiaomi cuts prices to counter competition!

Xiaomi cuts prices

Yesterday the official Xiaomi page on the Tmall e-commerce site was updated by the company with images that suggest an upcoming price reduction of some products in the Xiaomi range, including the Xiaomi Mi4.

The Xiaomi Mi4 currently can be purchased in China for 1.999 Yuan (about 257 euros), a certainly very affordable price which, however, considering the current competitors available on the market (for example, IUNI U3, OnePlus One and Meizu MX4), is no longer what is called "a deal".

The new rivals, therefore, are very likely pushing the company to reconsider its prices and this would explain the promotional images that appeared on the Xiaomi Tmall page.

This update alludes to new (lower) prices for the Xiaomi Mi4, the Xiaomi MiTV, the Xiaomi Power Bank, the MiPad tablet and the Piston earphones. Exactly how much "the cut" is is not yet clear, as, for each product, a question mark replaces a figure in the price. The image relating to the Xiaomi Mi4, for example, shows "1? 99 Yuan" and, according to some rumors, the new price could be 1.799 Yuan (about 230 euros).

We will keep an eye on the prices and we will update you on any news!

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