Rockchip and Intel: launch of a SoC for low-cost tablets and smartphones

Rockchip and Intel

Earlier this 2014, Intel and Rockchip announced a collaboration aimed at building processors for low-end smartphones and tablets. These days, after quite a few months, Rockchip has exhibited the fruits of this partnership at a trade fair event in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Electronics Fair).

The presented entry-level SoC, named XMM 6321, is composed of the processor dual-core XG632 and AG620 modem, necessary for support 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth e GPS.

According to Rockchip and Intel, devices equipped with the SoC should be very cheap. In fact, ARMDevices' Charbax speaks of about 30 dollars for smartphones and 40 for tablets…

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However, the one released by Charbax is not a certain fact and it is likely that we will find devices equipped with the XMM 6321 SoC at a price close to 50/100 dollars, also in this case a decidedly cheap evaluation.

To keep up with recent technology trends, Rockchip and Intel are also planning to launch 64-bit processors with support for 4G LTE connectivity.

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