Once again sighted the Oppo Olens, external optics with NFC

Remember when last year we looked forward to the launch of the Oppo N1 flagship? Along with the indiscreet images of the terminal appeared photos that showed the existence of Olens, removable optics with NFC support. Optics that, as you know, have never been commercialized ...

The Olens are removable DSLR lenses that, lying on the back of the phone and connecting via NFC, allow you to turn the smartphone to which they are attached in a real camera.

As we have already said, the Chinese giant Oppo has never really released its Olens on the market. The images that we bring you this 0ggi however, could suggest a short launch.

Oppo Olens

The images above clearly show the Olens logo. Considering that at the launch of the Oppo N3 only a few days are left, the probability of finally seeing these lenses unveiled is quite high.