Will the Philips i966 [2K and YunOS display] be launched at a crazy price?

Philips i966

After showing you a preview of the complete specifications of the first Philips-Alibaba Top Range, the Philips i966, here is the price of the device leaked online.

The Philips i966 "Aurora" will be the first smartphone launched with on board the OS Yunos in the 3.0 version, an Operating System created by the e-commerce giant Alibaba. I966 specifications are a true Top of the Range and include a curved 5.5 inch display with 2k resolution, 3GB of RAM, 20.7 mega-pixel camera and fingerprint sensor.

What was missing was the price of the device, but today we have the opportunity to know and comment on it ... the Philips i966 will be launched at the price tag of 8.999 Yuan, which is the absurd amount of 1.151 euro. However, the promotional price for the pre-order would seem to be "only" 3.999 Yuan, or about 512 euro.

Despite the sharp price cut for pre-order, the Philips i966 remains a decidedly device poco convenient, especially considering that for much less you can buy smartphones with similar characteristics, IUNI U3 over all.

The hope is that the price leaked in the last few hours is not the official one and that on the day of the launch - scheduled for November 1st - a much lower price will be announced. Otherwise, as many of you like to say, “what a shelf it is…”.

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