Lenovo 2 A7-30TC certified by TENAA: new 7 inch phablet

Lenovo 2 A7-30TC

TENAA, the Chinese body responsible for issuing certifications for smartphones before they are put on sale, has verified a new device: the Lenovo 2 A7-30TC, for an phablet da 7 inches that the Chinese company, after having completed the acquisition of Motorola, would seem to want to launch on the market soon.

What intrigues is the fact that this Lenovo 2 A7-30TC is defined as a "smartphone from 7 inches", despite being tablet-sized.

Lenovo 2 A7-30TC

Lenovo 2 A7-30TC is equipped with da 7 inches with resolution 1024 600 pixels x, processor quad-core a 1.3Ghz clock, 1GB di RAM, 1GB di internal memory available for application installation (total storage space should be 4 or 8GB) expandable with microphone SD to 32GB, camera back from 2 mega-pixels, front camera from 0,3 mega-pixel, connectivity GSM and, as anticipated, Android KitKat 4.4.2.

To complete the hardware specifications we find a lithium polymer battery from 3450 mAh.

Lenovo 2 A7-30TC

Lenovo 2 A7-30TC has dimensions of 191 x 104.5 x 8.8 mm for a total weight of 300 grams.

Do you think it is still possible to consider a 7 inch device as a "tablet"? Or do you think that the distinction between smartphones, phablets and tablets is increasingly thinning, even in an excessive way?

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