Huawei Honor 6 Extreme Edition, the same flagship but with Kirin 928 CPU!

Today, Huawei has not only presented its very expensive Huawei Honor A55 smart-TV from 55 inch 4K and the new and interesting Huawei Honor Play 4, the Chinese electronics giant has indeed found time to announce a new version of its new / old top of the range, the Huawei Honor 6 Extreme Edition!

That's right, the Huawei Honor 6 is by no means a phone that can be labeled as news on the market. We have had the luck and the joy of being able to review it (remaining really impressed ...) and we seriously ask how Chinese society can actually make substantial improvements to a top of the range such as Honor 6. Which way if not by upgrading the implemented processor? And so it was done, the CPU goes from being the Hisilicon Kirin 920 to the version Hisilicon Kirin 928, clock frequency passing from 1.3 Ghz to well 2.0 Ghz.

The Huawei Hisilicon Kirin 928 processor is one of the latest Huawei solutions for the mobile market. It is characterized, just like the 920, for octa-core architecture, 28nm production process, Mali-T628 MP4 GPU and 6 LTE connectivity support category (300 mb / s).

The phone will arrive on the market in a limited edition of 9.999 copies sold at a price of 2.999 yuan, about 387 euros, through the official Huawei channel and the network.

If you are not too eager to buy it, why not give a look at the Complete Review of the Huawei Honor 6 made by our Mario?

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