Exclusive: real photos of the JiaYu S3 and JiaYu F2

JiaYu F2 and JiaYu S3

Just a few hours ago we showed you a first photo of the new JiaYu Top Range, the JiaYu S3, the device that, after a short period of silence, will represent the return to the scene for the company.

Thanks to the staff of eJiaYu.it, the store of the official dealer for Italy of JiaYu products, we now have the opportunity to show you some more detailed photos of the device, accompanied by another surprise, that is the next low-cost JiaYu F2. Before continuing, however, it is good to specify that the photos in question concern pre-production samples, which, as you will notice from some details, are not yet complete.

But let's analyze the few details detectable by these first two images, starting from JiaYu F2.

The device, in the front, seems to clearly resume the lines of the HTC One series, with a 3-layer design and the two edges, upper and lower, made with an apparent metallic finish (we have not yet confirmed the material used).

The JiaYu S3, on the other hand, unlike the photo we showed you a few hours ago, seems to be in a "two-tone" version: white plastic and a single large speaker in the back and "all black" design in the front, except for the white border that "transship" from the back cover.

Both devices are equipped with 3 soft touch keys and various brightness and proximity sensors.

JiaYu S3 camera

Furthermore, from the observation of the back of the JiaYu S3, it is possible to foresee the presence of a double LED flash. As you can see from the image, in fact, even if the sample is not yet present the camera, it is however already clearly visible the trace of what will be its positioning and that of the housing of the LED flash.

Finally, the JiaYu F2 we have the opportunity to observe more closely what is hidden under the back cover: the device will be equipped with dual SIM support and micro SD slot.

Of the JiaYu F2 we do not yet know the details relating to the technical specifications, while for the S3 we remind you that the device will be equipped with the Mediatek LTE MT6752 64-bit chipset, a 5.5-inch display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 3GB RAM and 3000mAh removable battery. The photographic sector will instead be entrusted to a rear camera with Sony CMOS sensor from 13 mega-pixels.

We thank the staff of eJiaYu.it to send these photos exclusively and, as always, also for the discount code GIZJIAYUIT made available to all of you readers of GizChina.it