Cube TALK 9X U65GT, the 8-core Retina tablet display from 160 euro

Cube TALK 9X U65GT

While the Chinese phone offer has reached levels of quality and variety of choices that make us more and more indecisive, that of the tablet has not yet expressed its full potential. Except for Cube of course!

The Chinese company Cube looks truly relentless. Practically every week news arrives of the arrival of a new tablet, with increasingly better technical characteristics obviously.

For its new Cube TALK 9X U65GT, the company went literally against the current and rather than choose a new solution offered by Rockchip or Allwinner like all its competitors, he preferred to use the processor MediaTek MT8392, practically the tablet version of the popular MT6592 , which means the same 8-core architecture but more power to support a 9.7 Retina display in 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution.

It is not surprising at all that the design is similar to that of the iPad Air. But sold 204.69 dollars (about 162 euro) this TALK 9X U65GT could also put in crisis the apple-fan more avid!

3G connectivity, 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi, 2 mega-pixel front camera, 8 mega-pixel rear view, 4.4 Kitkat Android operating system and 10000 mAh battery, for a declared autonomy of 8 hours . Not bad for 160 euro no?

If you want to know more or if you want to order it, please refer to the product page of the Chinese retailer Geekbuying.