UMi Zero - 150 chance to buy it discounted by 50%!

UMI Zero GiveAway

The UMI Zero is certainly one of the most valuable devices on the market today. Nice, but maybe the 300 $ to pay to buy it is too much ... Don't worry though, indeed, crossed your fingers, because the Chinese company will offer some lucky users the chance to win it at half price!

We followed UMI Zero, so to speak, from the "conception". Step by step, we learned all the (interesting) specifications: great aesthetics, aluminum frame, Super AMOLED display, 2GB of RAM, fast charge, octa-core processor, Sony IMX214 camera from 13 mega-pixel ... in short, a terminal really full. Too bad for the price!

Fortunately, however, especially for those who intend to buy it, some lucky international users (to be exact 150!) Will have the opportunity to buy it with a discount of 50% on the purchase price. Only 149.99 $ (about 118 euro), basically a gift!

UMI for the occasion has partnered with 3 known online resellers. The giveaway has already started for two days, but do not worry, you still have time, the end is scheduled for November 5.

For further details on the giveaway organized by UMI for UMI Zero, we refer you directly to the official Facebook page of UMI.