Chromebook Mediatek: from 2015 will be reality?

Rockchip and Mediatek Chromebooks

Google would seem to be looking for new partners for its Chromebook devices and, most likely, may have already signed an agreement with Mediatek and Rockchip.

The two well-known manufacturers of low-cost SoCs, starting from next year could launch chipsets dedicated to this new project. For its part, Google, thanks to this agreement, aims to reduce the cost of its devices, so as to be able to propose low-cost solutions, but still with good specifications and performance.

Waiting for the first Mediatek Chromebook here is a video showing the Rockchip Chromebook.

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So, to see the first Mediatek Chromebook it will be necessary to wait until next 2015, while for Rockchip - as you can see from the video above - a model based on the RK3288 chipset (Cortex A12) and Mali-T764 GPU is already ready.

What do you think of this new partnership?

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