ARM presents the new range of Mali chips focused on energy saving

Arm Mali T860

The English chipmaker ARM presented its new chips and related graphics implementations that wink to energy savings.

According to VentureBeats, the new chips ARM Mali, from entry-level models to top-of-the-range models, will offer excellent performance with very low energy consumption, with an improved efficiency compared to the previous generation.

The top of the range of the Mali offer, the T860, for example, supports the 4K and has reduced consumption of 45% compared to current ARM solutions.

Furthermore, the implementation of these chips will facilitate the design work of the devices, accelerating their implementation.

This news can only make us happy since it is to be considered that ARM provides chips at approx 60 partners with about 400 million Mali chips sent to the 2013. The new improvements and implementations will soon be visible on a wide range of devices equipped with ARM chips.