Rumor: the new camera-centric Oppo N3 smartphone will be launched in October


After arousing a lot of interest with the Oppo N1, or the first smartphone in the world with a rotating camera, Oppo seems to want to repeat itself. According to some rumors, in fact, the company is already working on the successor of the N1, alias Oppo N3, a new camera-centric smartphone of which, unfortunately, details and specifications are still top secret.

The N1 certainly represented an innovation in the mobile telephony sector, while showing some "in", such as, for example, excessive size, too thick bezels and hardware that is not "the latest" (eg. Snapdragon 600). Moreover, although of excellent quality, the N1's camera did not live up to expectations.

Therefore, from this alleged Oppo N3 we expect a better optimized camera and a more powerful hardware.

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We should not wait long to find out if our wishes will be fulfilled by Oppo. According to our source, in fact, the new Oppo N3 should be launched as early as October!