Meizu MX4 white, new high resolution photos. What elegance!

Meizu MX4 white

Waiting to review the new top of the range Meizu MX4 and to know a little more about the highly anticipated MX4 Pro, we welcome with enthusiasm these first high-resolution images of the Meizu flagship in the exclusive white color.

On 2 September Meizu was finally presenting its high-end terminal, the spearhead of the Chinese house that we have been waiting for for some time. At the launch event held in Beijing, only the metallic gray version was shown, although the white and gold editions were also made official. Last week, however, some images of not excellent quality were leaked on the network that allowed us to appreciate the elegance of this device.

Meizu MX4 - white version

According to what has been possible to learn, this highly refined version of the Meizu MX4 should arrive on the market later than the classic version in brushed gray due to a far more difficult and complex production process than that of the standard MX4.

What to say ... we can't wait to try it!