Xiaomi Mi3 will return to India!


Xiaomi's events outside of China are always interesting. In Indian territory, a new market of great interest for all Chinese companies, Xiaomi initially marketed the Xiaomi Mi3, later stopping its sale.

The reason for this choice was the heated controversy over the very low availability of Mi3, sold in small batches sold out in record time, as per tradition Xiaomi. The company has therefore decided to commercialize the Xiaomi Redmi 1S in India, which is easier and faster to produce, withdrawing the Mi3 from the market.

Now, after the lightning sale of Redmi 1S 'last batch, the company announced through an event that the Mi3 will return for sale in India, albeit in' limited stocks' that are not well specified. The price of the smartphone in India will be 230 dollars, and the sale will take place through the Indian online sales giant Flipkart. The price of 230 dollars is equivalent to around 181 euros.

[Via GizChina.com]