IUNI U3 hands-on. Quality, hardware and smart price!


Our beloved Andi, after attending the presentation of the top of the Meizu MX4 range, visited the IUNI offices in Shenzen. Here are your first impressions of the highly anticipated IUNI U3!

In a competitive market, such as mobile telephony in China, it is essential for a brand to be able to differentiate itself, especially when the brand in question is relatively young. IUNI has only one year of life but after having released his first one at the beginning of the year flagship phone with metal body (IUNi U2), the company is ready to return to the market with a brand new product.


The IUNI U3 was presented at the beginning of August and will not be available for purchase before the end of the month.


Available in white, black and aqua green, the IUNI U3 is a device that could be sold at three times the price at which it is sold. The first hands-on images that we could appreciate do not actually do it justice, the phone in the flesh is incredibly beautiful.


The technical specifications include the best that can be found to date on the market, which is great especially considering the fact that the company has a relatively small experience and that IUNI U3 will be sold for 1999 yuan only, that is to say about 252 euro at the current exchange rate.

IUNI U3 - Hands-on photo

The young Chinese company has continued its partnership with the US Qualcomm that will provide the CPU, a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked fixed to 2.5 Ghz and GPU Adreno 330, later joined by well 3GB of RAM. Overall speaking, the hardware configuration is adequate to manage a 2K Quad-HD 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution display.

The 3000 mAh battery will allow you to play and keep the screen on for several hours without worry. The rear panel is easily removable but unfortunately the battery is not replaceable. By removing the cover then, we have access to the double SIM card slot (exactly because this IUNI U3 is a Snapdragon 801 dual-SIM!)


Speaking of display, the panel used is a 5.5 inch with 2K Quad-HD 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution made by Sharp. It is worth stressing the minimum frames that ensure better grip by reducing the overall width-

We were positively impressed by this phone that can stand out for various points of view: aesthetics, build quality, assembly ...


What unfortunately we were not able to try were the new IUNI Os Rom in English based on Android 4.4 Kitkat and the camera, especially the front with ultra-pixel technology.

The very kind owners have left a sample Andi unit that will soon review this product. Soon also an interview with CEO Frank He!

[via GizChina.com]