Viro closes its doors, the hoax comes to an end!


In these days we have spoken several times of Viro, the Italian startup ready to revolutionize the global smartphone scene, but from today we can all remember it as Viro, the umpteenth Italian bufala.

The doubts about this "company" had arisen more than abundant, but we decided to talk about it anyway, giving the story the benefit of the doubt. Everything seemed too good, and many users had pointed out the various elements that made Viro questionable. Today we have the confirmation, Viro was a hoax, or rather a "university social experiment" (entirely hypothetical), which disappeared from the web just as it appeared.

It is useless to spend too many words on the story. The idea of ​​a young Italian company that deals with mobile telephony would still be quite interesting, but for the moment, just another Italian hoax.