Pre-orders for the OnePlus One will start at the end of October

OnePlus One

Who was still interested in buying a OnePlus One, or who had discovered from poco of the existence of this smartphone, he will be pleased to know that the invitation system is about to be joined by a new purchasing method, pre-orders.

The new method will be in use by the end of October, and should allow users to purchase the smartphone more easily. OnePlus has indeed marketed its first device through invitations, a system that has disappointed hundreds of potential buyers. With the new system there will no longer be a limited number of smartphones, but a limited amount of time. During this time, users can make unlimited pre-orders at the official OnePlus website, and the start date of the pre-orders will be announced a few days in advance.

Before placing your order you can enter your personal information on the website, so as not to have problems when the site could be clogged, having to press a simple button. At the end of the pre-order, the shipment of your One by OnePlus will depend on the current stock. If your pre-order has arrived while there are still One available in stock, your smartphone will be sent immediately, otherwise you will be notified of the time (indicative) necessary to send your product. The more orders placed, the longer the waiting time will be.

OnePlus One pre-orders

Also, if you were to receive an invitation to purchase (such as those needed at the moment) you can skip the line and get your device right away. Among the details, which will be published later by OnePlus, there will be various possibilities to pay or cancel the pre-order, making the purchase more flexible.

This is not yet a true complete availability of the smartphone, but many users may still be happy. The One has received an avalanche of criticisms for the system by invitation, and unfortunately also for some choices made by the company, but many users and many experts continue to consider it an extremely valuable product, especially in relation to the selling price.

Do you plan to buy a OnePlus One with the new system?