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The devices of big size they currently capture a lot of attention among the techno fans.

Probably also due to this interest on the part of users, today we are witnessing two phenomena concerning the size of the devices: the first concerns the progressive increase in the size of smartphone displays, the second, however, what is considered a sort of hybridization between devices of different categories, such as phones and tablets.

Today we will see the review of a device that falls into this second category, that is the hybrid tablet / smartphone we remove from and equipped with very interesting technical specifications.


Below, for simplicity, I will define the device as a "phablet", but it should be noted that it represents something different from what is included in that category of device.

In fact, this octacore phablet, thanks to its display by 7 inches FULLHD with very small side frames, the Octacore chipset, dual SIM and 3G support, GPS and Bluetooth, is a multimedia device to 360 °, certainly a bit inconvenient to be used in the call functions, but still very complete in the equipment and, therefore, "always ready" for each use. Phablet chinavasion Phablet 7 "FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G unboxing by

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The small size of the device, in fact, (185 x 103 x 8 mm for a total weight of 273 grams battery by 3500mAh included) allow a fairly easy grip, even with one hand. However, the main use of the same will always happen with both hands.

Removing the back cover allows access to the battery compartment (removable) and to view the housing of the two SIMs (one in micro format and the other in standard format) and of the micro SD for expansion up to 32GB of memory ( the device is equipped with 16GB of internal memory, of which 5GB reserved for the installation of the App).

Phablet chinavasion

As already mentioned in the introduction, considering the 7-inch diagonal of the display, the dimensions of the device are really very small.Phablet chinavasion

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Full specifications of the Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G

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Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G - Design

As we have already underlined in the unboxing, despite the device being an OEM without any brand, the finishes of the same are quite good, especially if you look at the specifications / price ratio (179 euros).

Phablet chinavasion

The device is well assembled and no construction imperfections are visible.

The positioning of the control keys is what, for a smartphone, we generally define as "standard".

On the left side we find the volume keys.


On the right side the only power button to turn on, off and stand-by.


On the back edge the micro USB slot.


Finally, on the upper edge only the 3,5 mm jack for the earphones.


The design of the device is quite simple. The black of the front fits perfectly with the white of the back, also thanks to the perimeter frame in gray / chrome that definitely attenuates what otherwise would have been an excessive contrast between the two antithetical colors.


The grip is quite good and, as already mentioned, the phablet also feels good in one hand. However, when used with the supplied window flip cover - convenient thanks to the functions that can be activated directly from the window active, but from aesthetics to say the least poco questionable - the phablet becomes less manageable.

This flip cover also tends to leave stains on the back of the phablet, as shown in the photo below.

However, it is very convenient to be able to take a picture, annotate events on the calendar or manage the music player without having to open the flip.


Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G - Display

One of the most interesting features of this octacore phablet is definitely the bright 7 inch FULLHD display with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution.

Phablet chinavasion

The IPS panel ensures good color reproduction over the entire color range and an excellent viewing angle, slightly subdued only on blacks, but, as we know, this is one of the main limitations of IPS technology.

The display is also equipped with LTPS technology and can therefore be used with wet gloves and fingers.

No problem with automatic brightness adjustment, the sensor does its job well. However, the visibility of the panel is only fair when exposed to intense sunlight.

The Touchscreen is very fluid and is free from Ghost Touch problems.

Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G - Software

On the device is installed Android in the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version with Android Stock interface and some customizations made by the manufacturer, such as, for example, the "Gesture Sensing", the "Flash Alert" and the "Power on / off program". 
Phablet chinavasion

However, over the last few weeks the phablet has received the expected update to Android 4.4 KitKat and, as a result, units purchased from today will be shipped from with the most up-to-date version of the OS.


What I did not like is the choice to use the system sounds of the Samsung Touchwiz. I considered it more appropriate to opt for the sounds of Android Stock.

Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G - Performance and Gaming


The results obtained by the device in the benchmark tests can be defined as conflicting. In fact, the excellent score of 28.274 points on Antutu clashes with the disappointing 34,2 FPS on Epic Citadel. In general, this "discontinuity" in test results is in line with the findings in gaming and reported below.

In fact, in gaming the phablet shows some limit of performance nature. It starts with a slight horizontal banding that can be seen on the Real Racing 3 loading screen, resulting in an insufficient reproduction quality of the game elements, which show dashed edges.

The level of detail is still good, in fact, in the following video you can see the presence of the elements in the background from the rear-view mirrors.

Furthermore, again in reference to Real Racing, despite a good average gameplay, I found many micro lags in the actual use of the game.

Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G - Cameras


The Phablet is equipped with a rear camera from 13 mega-pixel with F / 2.4 aperture and LED flash, so a configuration not really from camera-phone. The shots made, in fact, are of fair general quality, except for the macros that still show a good level of detail.

The shots made in low light conditions are very noisy. The sensor, in fact, can not capture enough light and the shot is very slow. The flash does not always illuminate the elements portrayed in the right size, firing too much light and, consequently, distorting the colors.

The front camera from 2 mega-pixels - interpolated to 5 - is instead more than enough for use in video-chat (for example on Skype), but definitely not up to par for the realization of good selfies.


Good video recording (max HD 1280 x 720 pixels), with excellent pan and focus - with tap on the display - very fast.

Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G - Audio compartment

The audio sector is good. Playback is fairly clean, albeit not very powerful. Although the back cover suggests - with a double grille at the bottom - the presence of a double stereo speaker, in reality the phablet is equipped with a single speaker.

The device is equipped in the settings of two audio optimization functions: BesAudEnh for audio in headset and BesLoudness to increase the loudspeaker volume.

Good audio even in the ear capsule.

Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G - Connectivity

The device supports 3G WCDMA 2100/850 bands (EDGE, HSPA +, HSUPA) and 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 bands; therefore, the 900Mhz band is missing, which is the one mainly used by H3G. However, the tests carried out with the operator's SIM were positive and the device showed no reception problems.

WiFi connectivity is decent. The device was not always very fast in hanging up the networks "already known".

Bluetooth works perfectly, both in the exchange of files with other devices and in the use of the phablet paired with the device installed in my car.

Good GPS, with the coupling of satellites fast enough, but with the usual pr

Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G - Battery

The removable 3500mAh battery of the device allows to obtain excellent results in terms of autonomy. It is obviously necessary to distinguish between use as a smartphone and, therefore, also of the call functions, and main use as a tablet.

In the first case, the phablet guarantees to arrive in the evening with a residual autonomy of 10%, about 3 hours and 10 minutes of display turned on for 11 total hours of use.

In the second case, for a mainly domestic and occasional use, it will also be possible to exceed the 3 / 4 days of autonomy.

Phablet 7 ”FULLHD, octacore, dual SIM 3G - Conclusions

In closing I can tell you that I was quite satisfied with this particular device, as I found it a very useful device not only for "living room" use, but also - above all thanks to the rather small overall dimensions - as "daily companion of travel ".

What I liked the most is the display from 7 inches FULLHD surrounded by very thin frames for the category and the general fluidity of the OS guaranteed by the computational power of the octacore MT6592 chipset.

The quality / price ratio is very good and amazes the general quality in the production of an OEM device, generally much less accurate in details and more affected by bugs.

I close by thanking again for sending the sample available on the store at the price of 179 euro with shipping from China.