10.000 cover for iPhone 6 free on Oppomart!


The iPhone 6 has been presented and will soon be available in all Apple Stores. So, for those who are planning the purchase of the new melaphonino, it may be time to think about a cover to protect the very expensive device!

A good protection solution are certainly the silicone covers, which, however, generally tend to increase the thickness of the smartphone too much, going to "ruin" the design of the same.

It is not the case of the Sinyco cover, which are colored, resistant to water and dust and made with an extremely thin thickness!


Sinyco covers are available in 6 different colors (black, white, blue, green, pink and red) at a price of $ 9,99 on Oppomart.com. However, the first 10.000 buyers can get a cover for free using the gift code OPMFR6!

To get the cover for free, in addition to entering the discount code, you will only need to pay the shipping costs, equivalent to 2,99 dollars, or about 2,30 euro.

Do you plan to take advantage of the offer?