Is your OnePlus suffering from the touchscreen problem? The company is working on the solution

OnePlus One

Many users who have purchased a OnePlus One have long complained about a touchscreen reliability problem, which in certain situations fails to correctly recognize touches.

The problem has been highlighted several times through the official forum, and many users feared that it was a hardware problem, therefore not solvable. The story has been clarified since the last session of Ask Me Anything held by the OnePlus team on the Reddit forum, which is a discussion where users can ask the company members all kinds of questions.

Regarding the touchscreen issue, One Plus has made it known that it is a problem that resides in the firmware, and that it is working with Synaptics to find a solution. There is no date for the final update yet, but fortunately this is not a hardware issue.

A possible solution, suggested by the team itself, is however the disabling of the automatic brightness, which seems to greatly improve the problem. While the career of the young OnePlus continues through highs and lows, we hope that the company will release the corrective update as soon as possible.