Nokia Lumia 930 on Everest with National Geographic

Nokia Lumia 930

The photographic quality of the new top-of-the-range Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 930, is shown in a video produced by a professional National Geographic photographer.

Nokia and Microsoft continue to focus heavily on the photographic quality of the top-of-the-line smartphones from the Lumia series, and the new Lumia 930 is no exception. Its 20 mega-pixel sensor was put to the test on Mount Everest, giving life to a very nice demonstration video. Surely the photographer's professionalism helps, but the various smartphone manufacturers should take inspiration from Nokia to improve their image processing technologies.

Many modern smartphones are in fact equipped with high quality photographic sensors, but not all are accompanied by the right software sector. It is exactly like a smartphone with a very powerful processor, but with software poco optimized, which would offer a user experience full of lag and inaccuracies. We hope that Chinese manufacturers will also focus more on developing image processing software!