Meizu Smartwatch, total fake or reality?

Meizu Smartwatch

Retailers are often competing heavily with each other to get devices early, but some sometimes just seem "too much". This is the case with Merimobiles and del his Meizu Smartwatch!

In the past there have been rumors about the possibility in the future to see a Meizu smartwatch with Android Wear operating system. Nothing official or unofficial, however, only simple and very common rumor. The Chinese reseller Merimobiles he took this corridor voice and, perhaps convinced by the desire to arrive first, has included the Meizu smartwatch in its online catalog.

The image is the most imaginative to conceive the human mind and is in fact a common concept created by a fan of the Chinese house. What amazes us, however, is the specific sheet ... who gave it to him? That said, at this point it is worth mentioning the notorious technical features of this smart watch: 2.4 inch display with 640 x 480 pixel resolution, 5 mega-pixel camera, NFC technology, WiFI connectivity, Bluetooth, waterproof certification and leather strap.

The specifications have certainly been written by someone who is not exactly on the subject, the mechanism of the watch is in fact described as "mechanical" ...

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