GooPhone G910, clone of the Samsung Galaxy Round

GooPhone G910

The hunger of GooPhone never stops and so, after cloning all the main-stream devices present on the market today, the company has decided to opt for new and interesting solutions!

The Samsung Galaxy Round has become famous for being one of the very first devices with a curved display to arrive on the market. Although the actual functionality of this technology is not yet established, the curved screen is undoubtedly a very attractive feature.

This is what drives GooPhone, on aesthetics (copied). The GooPhone G910 is equipped with a "flexible" 5.5 inch display in HD 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, a Mediatek MT6592 8-core processor and an 4.4 Kitkat Android operating system.

The curved design is certainly nice but has obviously increased the overall production cost. GooPhone will then have decided to cut on the hardware which, in the case of the G910, is certainly below expectations: only 1GB of RAM, a single SIM support, 2 and 8 mega-pixel cameras and not even a notification LED ...

The GooPhone G910 will sell for just $ 189.99 (about € 144).