[Breaking] Meizu event, unveiled only 1 device (and it will not be the Pro!)

Meizu MX4

Hoping not to disappoint all Meizu fans, we must necessarily report the news bounced from the weibo platform during the night. Meizu vice-president Li Nan has formalized the presence of one and only device at the event to be held next Tuesday 2 September!

An indiscretion that, going to retrace the chrono-history of the last hours before the formalization of the VP Meizu, was still in the air. A flurry of comments that arose around the possibility of seeing only one device found it right when it was none other than Li Nan, the number two of Meizu, who sentenced.

And here is the message with which announces the news.

 It is true that a single smartphone will be unveiled at the September 2 event. Despite this, however, we will have other things to say to you.

Unfortunately for us, the device to be unveiled will not be the much acclaimed Meizu MX4 Pro edition. To communicate it, moreover (therefore, we should trust ...), it is the same Li Nan who during a public conversation with a user who asked him for information, let slip the news that the top-feature of the moment, namely the reader fingerprint, it will not be present on the new Meizu flagship, at least not on the one presented in a few days. According to the vice-Wong, in fact, the Meizu engineers have not yet found an optimal solution to implement this technology on the device (remember iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5 and their "very efficient"Fingerprint reader? ...). The second denial, however, is much less bitter: on September 2 Meizu will not present any tablet ... Meizu MX Pad postponed to a date to be defined!

Meizu MX4 Li Nan

The question we ask ourselves at this point is: if Meizu will reveal one and only one device, what will "the other things" promised by Nan be? Maybe the Meizu MX Watch? Come on guys, there are only 3 days left!

[UPDATE] We update the article with the latest news released by the same "leaker": VP Li Nan said that the Meizu MX4 Pro will be there and that it will cost slightly, a price around 3000 yuan (about 372 euros).

The MX4 is fantastic, a worthy substitute for the Meizu MX3. The MX4 Pro will receive major upgrades from all points of view and the price will be slightly higher.

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