[VIDEO] VIVO XShot, benchmark and gaming review

Vivo Xshot Gaming

Pending the full review, today we offer you a focus on performance in the Benchmark and Gaming tests Vivo Xshot. The results obtained confirm numerically, and "graphically", what has been said so far about the device, or what is among the best smartphones in the world currently on the market.

Before continuing, see the unboxing video of the Vivo xshot:

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Vivo Xshot benchmark review

The results obtained from the Vivo Xshot in the benchmark tests are absolutely worthy of the specifications of the device, as well as "agree" with our expectations. The hardware configuration (Snapdragon 801, 3GB of RAM, etc.) of the Xshot, in fact, allows it to position itself in 1st place in the Antutu ranking, overtaking, thanks to 38.506 points obtained, the various HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3 and Xiaomi Mi3.

Here is a summary of the scores obtained by the Vivo Xshot and, below, the detailed video of the tests:

  • Antutu: 38.506 points;
  • Quadrant Standard: 22.627 points;
  • Nenamark2: 61,0 fps;
  • Epic Citadel: 59,8 fps;
  • Anomaly 2: 994.203 points;
  • 3DMark: 19.944 points.

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Vivo Xshot, gaming review

As in the benchmarks, the Vivo Xshot showed all its power and processing capacity. Obviously there is poco to be surprised, as we have already had the opportunity to test, and praise, devices equipped with the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, in the version MSM8974AC operating at the frequency of clock of 2.5Ghz, and of the GPU Adreno 330.

The excellent hardware equipment translates to the proof of the facts in a very fluid gaming experience, free of lag, jamming, frame losses, etc. In addition, the excellent quality level in gaming of the Vivo Xshot is expressed both in the reproduction of all graphic elements (thanks to the Adreno 330 GPU) and in the audio (thanks to the dedicated audio chip Cirrus Logic CS4398).

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We close this brief focus on benchmarks and gaming of the Vivo Xshot referring you to the full review that will be published in the coming days. In the meantime, I remind you that the device is available for immediate delivery, with shipping from Italy and 24 months of Italian warranty and assistance on Topresellerstore.it, the store where you can take advantage of an exclusive discount thanks to the voucher GIZTOP.