Buyers of the Windows Phone Xolo Q900S receive the version with Android

Xolo WIN Q900s

Flipkart is the online sales giant in India, a state where mobile technology is experiencing exponential growth. However, buyers who have chosen to purchase the Windows Phone Xolo Q900S from the site have received something different.

A Xolo Q900S with Android! The smartphone was launched as the lightest Windows Phone ever, and comes with the Windows 8.1 operating system, at least in the hopes of buyers. However, the problem is easily solved, as Flipkart will take care to collect the smartphones with Android and ship the version with Windows Phone 81.

The episode is interesting, considering that Flipkart is the partner chosen by Xiaomi for sales in India. Will the store manage to send a game of Xiaomi Mi3 with Windows Phone 8.1?

In any case, the technical specifications of the Xolo Q900S are available following this link.