Vivo Xshot, the complete review of

Vivo Xshot

In the many reviews made to date, very rarely I have had to test a device in depth in search of the hidden "defect". What follows is the review of a smartphone like that, or falling within that category of devices that touch perfection. I refer of course to the Vivo Xshot, the new Top Range of Vivo of which today I present a complete review.

Vivo Xshot

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Vivo Xshot, complete review of

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As I have already pointed out in the unboxing, the Xshot was launched in two versions, one that we define Ultimate and equipped with Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 801 (8974AC) da 2.5Ghz3GB RAM e 32GB of internal memory and another Elite which, however, mounts the version 8974AA of the Qualcomm chipset Snapdragon 801 operating at the clock frequency from 2.3Ghz and flanked by 2GB RAM e 16GB internal memory. Both versions have the Vivo Funtouch OS 1.2 (of which we have already proposed a Detailed focus) based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Vivo Xshot

The dimensions of the Vivo Xshot are from 146,45 x 73,3 x 7,99 millimeters for a total weight, battery from 2600mAh including, of 148 grams very well distributed over the entire surface of the phone. The device is equipped with a single SIM tray (Micro SIM), in which you can also enter the micro SD expansion (up to 128GB).

But let's see the complete specifications of the Vivo Xshot

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Vivo Xshot: Design

The Xshot clearly resumes the Xplay 3S lines, that device that, in the Full review published a few months ago, I defined it as one of the most beautiful and solid ever tested. Consequently, given the similar design, the same goes - as a consequence - also for the Xshot, that is another smartphone for which it is necessary to emphasize that the quality level of the materials is decidedly superior even to that of more well-known brand devices. .

Vivo Xshot in the Blue version

NOTE: The device will soon be available also in blue color.

The elegance of the lines of the Vivo Xshot is to say the least poco only. In fact, the dominant white, especially in the rear body, and the metal parts of the perimeter edge and some other finishes, blend perfectly, creating an absolutely new design, as well as, as already pointed out, unique.

Huawei Ascend P7 dual SIM

Despite its not very small size, thanks to some construction features, such as the camber of the back, thanks to which a better grip will be possible, and to the "one handed" features included by default on the device, the use of the Vivo One-handed Xshot is not only possible, but also comfortable.

Vivo Xshot

Vivo Xshot: Structure

At the back we find the large camera lens from XMUMX mega-pixel Sony IMX13, equipped with opening F / 1.8, optical image stabilizer (OIS) he was born in dual flash LEDs double-toned (amber and green). The Xshot camera will also allow you to record videos in 4K and slow motion.

Vivo Xshot
On the left side we find the volume keys, the power key on / off and stand by, a shutter button for the camera, which was very convenient especially in function of greater stability of the phone during shooting.

Vivo Xshot
On the right side we find the only removable tray for the single micro SIM and the micro SD card expansion up to 128GB.

Vivo Xshot

On the base the micro USB slot (MTP and PTP) flanked by a microphone.

Vivo Xshot
At the top the 3,5 mm jack for the earphones and the second noise reduction microphone.

Vivo Xshot

On the front we find the second wide-angle camera (84 degrees) from 8 mega-pixel, also equipped with LED flash, click with voice command (unfortunately only in Chinese and, therefore, not usable) and face beauty function. Then we have, obviously, the capsule and the brightness and proximity sensors.

Vivo Xshot
On the chin, the three soft touch keys without backlighting. However, as already underlined in the unboxing, they are still clearly visible as they contrast with the white of the body.

Vivo Xshot

Vivo Xshot - 5.2 inch FULLHD display

Vivo Xshot

Despite very slight chromatic distortions detected in some shades of green and yellow, the 5.2-inch FULLHD display of the Vivo Xshot turns out to be a great panel. Image reproduction is very detailed, with excellent color rendering and excellent definition and sharpness.

The Touchscreen installed on the device is excellent, so much so that I would call it the same level as that of the Xiaomi Mi3. The reactivity of the device makes the user experience extremely natural.

Vivo Xshot: Performance, Benchmark and Gaming Tests

Of the performances of the Vivo Xshot in Benchmark tests and in Gaming I have already spoken to you in a dedicated focus. Below are the two videos.

Vivo Xshot Benchmark Review

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Vivo Xshot Gaming Review

If you do not want to miss all our exclusive reviews join our YouTube channel

Vivo Xshot: Telephone and 3G part

The reception of the Xshot is really excellent, higher than that of many other smartphones tested and almost the same level of that detected for theE-Ceros One, or the device that still occupies the first square from this point of view.

Also for the Xshot the intensity of the signal is always excellent and no complete losses of the same have ever been detected. I tested the Xshot both with H3G and with Vodafone and TIM.

The audio on call is excellent, both in headset and with active speaker. The audio in the headphones is also excellent.

I have not detected any particular problems with 3G connectivity, while for the 4G LTE the national coverage problems remain.

Vivo Xshot: WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS

The connectivity sector of the Vivo Xshot is of an excellent standard. In particular, the WiFi works perfectly, no problems detected, even in the hot-spot connection with other devices, and the bluetooth has been successfully tested with the device installed in my car. Also excellent GPS, the coupling of the satellites is immediate and navigation is always stable and precise.

The NFC is not present on the device.

Vivo Xshot: Calling

For every Xshot purchased send free an interesting accessory, called "Calling".

Vivo Xshot - Calling

Calling is a device that, once paired via Bluetooth to the Xshot, activates a "sound reminder" (or, if you prefer, an alarm) on the phone whenever we move from a certain range, away from the device.

Vivo Xshot - Calling

It is therefore a security tool, useful to prevent any loss of the device.

Vivo Xshot - Calling

Calling requires a specific app that you can download from the App Store of Vivo. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, to use the Calling all you have to do is pair it via Bluetooth with the Xshot.

Vivo Xshot: Audio compartment

As the Vivo Xplay 3S, the Xshot is also equipped with a dedicated audio chip and, specifically, the Audio Chip Cirrus Logic CS4398 flanked by the amplifier Maxim MAX97220 and from an analog-to-digital audio converter TLC320ADCv.

The audio quality is really excellent, albeit not on the same level as the Xplay 3S. Speaking of the Xshot we refer, in fact, to a device that, from the point of view of audio performance, is still of a higher level than most of the other smartphones currently on the market.

Vivo Xshot: Camera quality

The rear camera from 13 mega-pixels of the Vivo Xshot is equipped with a sensor Sony IMX214, Of a dual flash LEDs (double-toned, amber and green) and opening F1.8. The result of the combination of these 3 elements are always excellent shots, in any light condition.

The shots taken with the Vivo Xshot confirm the photographic vocation of the device. The high level of the sensor installed on the Xshot is particularly noticeable in shots taken in low light conditions, that is where most other smartphones show limits.

The Xshot, on the other hand, will allow you to always take photos of a high level, in all lighting conditions.

But let's see some examples:

Macro and Close-ups

Photo taken with Vivo Xshot

Photos taken in low light conditions:


The flash is also excellent. The bi-color solution adopted by Vivo (and by very few other manufacturers before it) in fact allows a more faithful reproduction of colors, or rather what is the Achilles heel of most of the shots taken with active flash.

Here are other photos taken:

"HDR" mode

"Normal" mode

Photo taken with Vivo Xshot

"HDR" mode

Photo taken with Vivo Xshot

"PRO" mode

By activating the "PRO" mode it will be possible to manually set the shooting parameters, such as, for example, ISO, White Balance, exposure time, etc.

In this way, you will be able to make good shots even in low light conditions. The only limit is the need to remain motionless during shooting and, therefore, I recommend using a tripod.

The photos you see below were made with the active PRO mode, but without using a tripod.

Photo taken with "Normal" mode

Photo taken with Vivo Xshot

Photo Taken with "PRO" Mode

Photo taken with Vivo Xshot

Here is another shot made with the PRO mode:

Photo taken with Vivo Xshot

Vivo Xshot: 4K video recording test

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Like most of the current top-of-the-range smartphones, the Vivo Xshot plays all popular video formats, including divx and mkv, and does it very well, with excellent audio and bitrate (in the video review you can see a playback test in .MKV).

Vivo Xshot: battery

Despite the configuration of the Vivo Xshot, which we could define to say the least poco "Energy-intensive", these days the battery life has proved to be absolutely excellent and sometimes even surprising.

Arriving until the evening with the Xshot will not be a problem at all, even in the face of very intense use of the device. In these days of testing, in fact, the Top Range of Vivo has achieved excellent results in terms of autonomy, managing to guarantee up to about 3 and a half hours of display on, with 13 total hours of device activity and with a residual autonomy of 10% at 21.30.

As you have seen in the Focus on the Funtouch OS, the ROM is equipped with various power-saving settings, including a feature that allows us to set the CPU mode between Balanced, which is more oriented towards energy saving, and Topspeed, which will guarantee you superior performance.

As I have already pointed out in the review of the Vivo Xplay 3S, even with the Xshot I never had the need to switch to Topspeed mode, both in everyday use and in gaming. The responsiveness of the device makes the user experience always extremely natural.

Vivo Xshot, the review by


In recent months I have often discussed with some friends who are passionate about photography, who, quite rightly, have always emphasized the difference between the creation of shots with a smartphone and that with professional cameras.

This difference is obviously still existing, but with the Vivo Xshot slightly fades that dividing line between the two sectors, giving hope, for the near future, in such a growth as to create a further rapprochement between the two.

Most likely, indeed, certainly, we will never be able to compare the quality of the shots made with smartphones and professional cameras, but let's not forget that the former have a great advantage, detectable in the name itself, or the fact of being smart and, therefore, "portable" or however more easily transportable.

This means being able to take advantage of the opportunity to immortalize moments that, otherwise, you run the risk of losing and, thanks to devices like the Xshot, you can do it with truly excellent shooting quality.

In addition to the photographic sector, the Vivo Xshot is also characterized by an incredible hardware, such as to allow the use of the latest generation games, as well as a user experience that I would simply define, complete with quotes, "fluid", "relaxed".

Wanting to find a mole to the device, the only one could be the absence of the Italian language, even if I personally did not find it difficult to use with English. In fact, it is all very intuitive and "simple".

Thank you again for sending the sample, available on the store with shipping from Italy, 24 months of warranty and Italian assistance and discounted for you readers of thanks to the voucher GIZTOP.