Lenovo plans more of 60 new smartphones!

lenovo a526

With the purchase of Motorola by Lenovo we imagined the inauguration by the company of a new era more focused on smartphones, but the launch of 60 new models seems a bit 'too much!

According to the latest news leaked, Lenovo will try to recover as lost due to the decrease in PC sales by increasing its market share in the smartphone category. How are you going to do it? Well, as we anticipated with the launch of 60 new devices!

Most of these new phones will be mid-range devices with 2G or 3G and designed exclusively for the Chinese market. However, some models equipped with LTE support will also be launched, such as the incredible Lenovo K920, or the smartphone with an incredible 2K resolution display.
Interestingly, the new 60 phones do not understand what Lenovo had already designed for Motorola and, therefore, the surprises may not end here!

What do you think of Lenovo's plan to launch 60 new smartphones? Will be successful?