Kingzone working on N3, 4G LTE and fingerprint reader!

Kingzone N3

Just today we have exclusively made the video-unboxing of the highly anticipated Kingzone K1, a phone that has become absolutely popular in China in recent months thanks to the Mediatek MT6592 8-core CPU, 5.5-inch display, NFC technology, OTG and wireless charging.

However, competitors, in China as in the rest of the world, are certainly not idle. From China we are now witnessing the launch of a new device with LTE connectivity almost daily, Kingzone cannot and must not stay behind. At the moment not much is known, except that the design will be one of the strong points. In addition to the refined design, the Kingzone N3 it will almost certainly be equipped with LTE connectivity e fingerprint reader.

Although it would not be fair to make judgments at the moment, the leaked info is enough to make it an interesting device. We only hope that the processor used will be the Mediatek MT6595 8-core LTE, if the price was then content as for the Kingzone K1, well, then it would be a hit!

While waiting, we suggest you to watch the video-unboxing of the Kingzone K1!