How many Xiaomi Mi3 were sold in India via Flipkart?

Xiaomi Mi3 sold via Flipkart

A few days ago, Xiaomi marketed its Xiami Mi3 in India through the Indian giant Flipkart online sales. Stocks were depleted in less than 40 minutes, but how many Xiaomi Mi3s were sold in India?

Xiaomi was quick to communicate good sales results via social networks, but did not report how many Mi3s were sold! Have they been 1,000? 5,000? Or maybe 7,000? All that the company has announced is that they were sold in 38 minutes and 50 seconds.

The speed with which stocks are finished is certainly not a surprise, as more than a hundred people were registered to buy the smartphone. Some Indian sources report that Flipkart and Xiaomi have provided less 10,000 units than Xiaomi Mi3.

We do not know if Xiaomi was simply testing the Indian market, trying to figure out what the actual demand is, or whether it is about inventory and production problems. We hope, however, that Xiaomi offers greater availability, so as to clear the way for the future.

For those registered for the purchase, Xiaomi and Flipkart have decided that a new registration will not be required. New buyers will have to complete the formalities before the 29 July, the date on which the Mi3 will once again be available for purchase.