Cyanogen hides the download of the CM11S to avoid installation on the Chinese OnePlus One


If you are trying to install the CyanogenMod 11S on your Chinese OnePlus One that features the Color OS, things may have been a bit tricky.

With the difficulty of the system to invitations and the continuous delays in marketing, many users interested in OnePlus One preferred to buy it through the various Chinese retailers, in order to receive it immediately and avoid the invitations system, but buying it at a higher price than the one offered by OnePlus.

The Chinese version of the One does not come with the CyanogenMod ROM, but with the Color OS, like the Oppo devices. The problem was easily circumvented by following simple guides, like ours, in order to install the CyanogenMod 11S, removing the Color OS.

Today, however, the CyanogenMod team removed the link containing the ROM download, or rather, hid it. Initially it seemed that the link was completely gone from the official page, but later, thanks to Reddit user, it turned out that the link was instead "hidden".

The motivation behind this story is simple: prevent the installation of CM11S in the Chinese OnePlus One, or at least make the operation more complicated. This obviously has aroused many users and many fans.


The download, as we anticipated, is still available, though hidden. Here are the simple steps to get it:

  1. Go to the download section of the official page of the Cyanogen team (open the link and go down to the bottom of the page);
  2. right-click on the link "";
  3. copy the link address;
  4. paste it into the search bar of your browser;
  5. remove "-fastboot" from the link.

After pressing enter the download will start automatically. There is also the possibility to download the file from other sources, but we always recommend downloading from the official website.

It is clear that the Cyanogen team has supported a company request, at least partially, but users will certainly not like it.