MTK chipset instead of Intel for the launch of the Zenfone 4G LTE

Zenfone 4G LTE

Like all other companies in the mobile sector, Asus also does not seem to want to stay behind in the current "race to LTE". The company, in fact, is ready to launch a device with 4G connectivity which, however, will not use an Intel chipset, but an MTK LTE processor.

The photo you see at the top, recently published by Asus, shows the next 4G LTE device of the company, or what, simply called Zenfone 4G, should be an entry-level smartphone, with a diagonal display of 4,5 inches (the resolution is currently unknown), only 512MB of RAM and internal memory from 4GB.

The other specifications of the device are not yet known, however from the photo it is possible to see a main camera with a rather “flat” design, an additional microphone for noise reduction and a large speaker.

Launch date and price of Zenfone 4G are still unknown, but of course we will update as soon as there will be news!