Review: iOcean X8, the elegant octa-core

iOcean X8

Today we present the complete review of the iOcean X8, the eager octa-core smartphone of iOcean made entirely of glass and aluminum. We apologize for the delay in posting this review, caused by hardware damage accidentally caused to the previously received unit.

We want to thank you, the official Italian dealer of iOcean products, for providing us with the device we used for this review.

If you are looking for the unboxing video of this smartphone, you will find it by following this link.

Video: Review: iOcean X8, the elegant octa-core

The full video review does not mention the battery life of this smartphone, which is expected to be really good, which will be treated further down in this article.

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Video: Focus on the camera of the iOcean X8

The photographic performance of this smartphone, both in terms of shooting photographs and video recording, are shown in the following video focus.

It is possible to download the photos in original resolution by following this link.

Complete technical specifications of the iOcean X8

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Review of the iOcean X8 - Design

The design of the iOcean X8 is without a doubt its best appearance. At the front we find an elegant black glass, all around the smartphone we find a beautiful metal frame, while the back is also composed of very elegant black glass.

Even the details of the smartphone, such as the camera coating, the tray for the SIM and the coating around the micro-USB jack are very accurate, giving further elegance to the device.

Considering the large 5.7 inch display, the dimensions are not exaggerated, but the real surprise lies in the weight of the device. A phablet from 5.7 inches condensed in a weight of only 168 grams including battery. Really remarkable! The weight is also very well distributed, allowing a grip and use difficult to reach by other phablets of the same segment.

iOcean X8

iOcean X8

The design of a smartphone is certainly a very subjective aspect, but I personally think that this smartphone is the most beautiful octa-core in circulation, as well as one of the most beautiful smartphones of the year.

Review of the iOcean X8 - Performance

The performances offered by this smartphone are of a high standard. The octa-core chipset MediaTek MT6592 reconfirms a powerful processor, suitable to perform even the most difficult tasks without problems.

At this juncture, we tested very heavy video games like Ripitide GP2 (visible briefly in the video review) and Real Racing 3, as well as MC4. The games, managed by the Mali-450 graphics chip, are fluid and optimally playable. Some sporadic decline of the FPS is present, but all the titles in the Play Store are easily enjoyable.

We have also tested other features that require high computational power, such as extracting files from large archives and handling very heavy text files (in PDF format). The 2GB RAM memory also ensure good fluidity to the system, which normally has more than 800MB of RAM.

Review of the iOcean X8 - Display

Regarding the display of this smartphone we have to evaluate separately the quality of the touch panel and image reproduction.

As for the reproduction of images, the display of the iOcean X8 is very high performance. The color reproduction is good, the blacks are above average, the images are always very sharp and the brightness is excellent. We have tested several videos in this smartphone, and playback is extremely pleasant. One of the best tested Full HD displays. Also compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display, the iOcean X8 display comes out victorious, showing a much more realistic color reproduction.

iOcean X8

As for the touch screen we are instead facing one of the defects of the smartphone. The touch has obvious defects in handling touches, and there are some ghost touches. The problem is clearly visible during the video review.

iOcean has released a corrective firmware for this problem, and also for the problem of the backlighting of the navigation keys, but, despite the management problems have decreased, they are still present. The company also announced, in addition to the arrival of Android 4.4 KitKat, the arrival of a further update to solve the problem.

Review of the iOcean X8 - Connectivity 

In terms of connectivity the X8 is quite complete, as, in addition to all the classic connectivity such as Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0, we also find the NFC. The smartphone offers dual SIM support, with a SIM in Nano format and one in Micro format.


GPS navigation also behaves quite well. The satellites are hooked up fast, the position is quite precise, while during navigation there is some inaccuracy. The recommended browser is the Copilot, the best companion of MediaTek processors.

Review of the iOcean X8 - Battery

As for the battery, the topic is not treated during the video review for an oversight, the smartphone is a real surprise! The integrated and non-removable battery from 2650mAh ensures excellent autonomy, which will allow the smartphone to accompany you safely until the evening.

With an average use of the smartphone, which provides a little 'internet browsing, a few hundred messages Whatsapp with sending and receiving multimedia content, use of Facebook messenger, push email, a few minutes of playing Ripide GP or Real Racing, click some photos, some videos and a little 'use varied, the smartphone has guaranteed 16 h 5m 41 s of duration, with the 30% (almost a third) of residual battery and 2 h 5 m 6s of screen lit, with brightness set to automatic.

The next day, with the same use, the result was a use of 16 h 5m 41 s, with 2 h 5 m 6 s of screen lit and a residual autonomy of 30%, result decidedly aligned with the previous day and with the average use in general. Considering that it is an octa-core with FHD display, the results are more than good.

In a day of use more intense, with frequent use of the camera and more time dedicated to video games compared to the days described above, the smartphone took us in the evening with 14 h 42 m 14 s of use, 2 h 58 m 34 s screen on and with a residual autonomy of 3%.

IOcean X8 Review - Pros & Cons


  • Design and excellent materials
  • Low weight and well distributed
  • Performance hardware
  • Excellent display
  • Battery with good autonomy
  • Low price
  • Front camera above average


  • Touch management problem
  • Update to KitKat not yet arrived
  • Volume in low headphones
  • Microphone for non-sublime calls
  • Buttons not well backlit

Review of the iOcean X8 - Conclusions

As often happens with devices of this type, summing up is not easy.

The iOcean X8 is a constructively beautiful product that offers adequate power, an excellent display and complete connectivity, except for the 4G. On paper, the smartphone could be the best octa-core of the year, at least for the phablet segment, but some software inaccuracies, such as the serious problem of touch management and the incorrect lighting of the three soft touch keys, make buying a bet. iOcean X8

If the next update of the company will be able to introduce Android 4.4 KitKat that solve the problems of the smartphone definitely, then the purchase will be absolutely correct, and with 269 euro, even less with our discount code, you will have bought one of the best cheap smartphone of the year and a designer gem.

But this requires some confidence in the company, so for now it is perhaps better to wait for this update and see what will change in the software of this device.

In closing I remind you that the iOcean X8 is available on, or the store of the official Italian dealer of iOcean products that offers all of you readers an exclusive discount, usable through the voucher GIZIOCEANIT.