OnePlus responds to the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4 with 5000 invitations

OnePlus One invitations

To counter the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4, which will create a lot of problems with OnePlus One's sales, OnePlus is offering 5000 invitations.

Remember a few weeks ago? Users went to great lengths to get an invitation to buy the OnePlus One, but now the situation is drastically changing. By looking on the forum you will easily find users giving away their invitations. It seems like whatever was holding OnePlus back from releasing a high amount of invitations is a thing of the past, and the company is circulating a good amount of them, making buying the One a little easier.

How many invitations? 5000, released in the "Blizzard of invites", or the "Storm of invitations". If you are still interested in buying the OnePlus One, these might be the best days to do so.