Xiaomi, the 16 June a new device? The Mi3S really deleted?

Xiaomi Logo

On the Weibo account of the co-founder of Xiaomi an image has emerged that certifies the collaboration between the Pekingese and the Taiwanese company PC home. New product in launch ramp?

The image shows a red veil that leaves the corner of a cardboard box uncovered (typical Xiaomi box in patchwork wood) and a date, that of the next 16 June. The image would have unleashed network users who immediately started commenting and speculating on the release of a new product. The are very popular Redmi Notes in 4G LTE version and the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi3S.

Xiaomi PChome

According to the latest rumors, however (there is still no evidence, it was confirmed, however, would be a means of own goal), the Xiaomi Mi3S project might even be abandoned. Recall that indirectly with a post on the official Facebook account, the company had actually confirmed the existence of this device, it would seem instead that Xiaomi has set aside the Mi3S to dive headlong into the future Xiaomi Mi4.