Oppo FIND 7 2K, the exclusive unboxing of GizChina.it

Oppo FIND 7 2K

The exclusive GizChina.it never end! Today, in fact, after having previewed the complete review of the Oppo FIND 7a, we are the first in Italy to present the unboxing of the highly anticipated Oppo FIND 7 in the version with Quad HD 2K display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a record density of 538 PPI.

The wait was long, but finally we managed to get our hands on this little gem, of which today we will propose a first unboxing photo, awaiting the full review that will be published in the coming weeks.

Oppo FIND 7 2K

Before entering into the merits of unboxing, it is our duty to thank them Topresellerstore.it for sending this sample of the Oppo FIND 7 2K.

Oppo FIND 7 2K, the exclusive unboxing of GizChina.it

Oppo FIND 7 2K

The Oppo FIND 7 2K shares the body, structure, design, materials with the 1080p version ... in short, from this point of view it is the same smartphone.

However, in the version that we will test these days is a difference in design, as it is the model with back cover with weft carbon style, very special and pleasant to the touch.

Oppo FIND 7 2K

Except for this in design and the other differences in the hardware that we will discuss later, the two devices also share most of the specifications, summarized, for simplicity, in the following comparison table.

Oppo FIND 7 1080p vs Oppo FIND 7 2k

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The differences between the Oppo FIND 7a and the FIND 7 2K

As it is easy to see, the differences between the two devices concern the resolution of the display (1920 x 1080 pixels against 2560 x 1440 pixels), the allocation of RAM memory (2GB against 3GB), the version of the chipset used (Snap 801 from 2,3, 801Ghz versus 2,5Ghz Snap 2800), the battery (3000mAh versus 16mAh), the internal memory (32GB versus 170GB), the weight (173 grams versus XNUMX grams) and, of course, the price.

Oppo FIND 7 2K

Oppo FIND 7 2K: First impressions

Speaking of first impressions for a device that, as already widely anticipated, is identical to another already reviewed might appear superfluous. However, I will try to focus more attention on those aspects, listed in detail above, that differentiate the Oppo FIND 7 2K from the 1080p version.

Display resolution

There has been much discussion on the actual usefulness of using a 2K resolution display in recent months and this discussion has generated two opposing "factions", namely the "PRO" and "AGAINST" Quad HD, each with their own motivations and ideas, all more or less sensible. According to some, virtually belonging to the array of "Cons", for example, such a high resolution could find a justification for use on the largest displays of tablets.

According to the "PRO", however, the use of 2K, as part of the natural technological evolution, is to be considered as a done positive.

Oppo FIND 7 2k

While not wanting to take positions, for my part I can tell you, "display in hand", that at least on this OPPO FIND 7 2K the difference does not appear so "striking", or at least, with the naked eye I do not perceive such a marked improvement in the sharpness of the images reproduced compared to the 1080p version of the device.

From this point of view I feel I must agree with those who support the thesis that the 2K makes sense in the presence of a larger display, as in the case of a tablet.

However, with this I do not mean that I do not see any difference between an 1080p and an 2K display, because they are still visible.


The discussion regarding RAM memory is different and, simplifying in a barbaric way, for a very trivial: “the more there is, the better it is".

Oppo FIND 7 2K

Therefore, the 3GB of RAM installed on the Oppo FIND 7 2K are welcome, an endowment that will satisfy even the most demanding users and that will surely go against future evolutions and app updates.


The Snapdragon 801 represents, at least for now (see Huawei Kirin 920), the ne plus ultra in terms of computational power. However, even "within" the same chipset there are various models with different clock frequencies and specifications. Both versions of the Oppo FIND 7 have a Snapdragon 801 chipset, with the difference precisely in the clock frequency.

Specifically, the Oppo FIND 7 1080p mounts the Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AB quad-core 2.3Ghz chipset, while the FIND 7 2k the 8974Ghz MSM2.5AC model. The two different chipsets, in addition to differing in clock frequency (2.3Ghz against 2.5Ghz), are also distinguished by the frequency of the GPU, precisely 550MHz in the first and 578MHz in the second.

Oppo FIND 7 2K

So, the chipset installed on the Oppo FIND 7 2K is nothing but a slightly updated version of the processor that comes with the FIND 7a, with which it shares, among other things, the same architecture (Krait 400) and the same number of Core (4).

From the point of view of the processor supplied, therefore, there are no differences between the two devices that can be detected with a simple first hands-on. More in-depth testing will be required, focusing on those "tasks" that use more CPU resources.


The different equipment in the battery (3000mAh vs 2800mAh) is a natural consequence of the other differences in the specifications listed so far. A chipset with a higher clock frequency and a display with a 2K resolution instead of 1080p, make the Oppo FIND 7 2K a naturally more energy-hungry device than its “little brother”.

Oppo FIND 7 2K

Consequently, in the tests that I will perform in these days, I will carefully evaluate whether this greater supply of mAh will be able to equate the probable "consumption" trend of the FIND 7 2k, then reporting the results in the complete review.

Weight :

The last difference between the Oppo FIND 7 2K and the FIND 7 1080p concerns the weight, or the 3 grams of waste that are detectable more than anything else by reading the specific sheets of the two devices. In actual use, in fact, there is no difference in weight.

Oppo FIND 7 2k, photogallery

The review of the Oppo FIND 7 2K will be published in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any doubts or curiosity about the device, bring them back to the comments section below, we will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

In closing, we thank once again Topresellerstore.it to send this sample of the Oppo FIND 7 2K, currently available on the store at the price of 479 euro (with discount code GIZTOP), with shipping from Italy and 24 months of warranty and Italian assistance.