Nubia Z7, the top range with Snapdragon805 could cost more than expected!

Nubia Z7 price

Last week we showed you what presumably it would have been the market price the ZTE Nubia Z7, the next top of the range of the Chinese house equipped with the highly anticipated processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 805. A price (2999 Yuan, 357 euro) all in all balanced, seen and considered the whole specific sheet. But it is news, or rather indiscretion, of today that the price may eventually be higher!

The leaker this time is exactly the brand-manager Nubia, who, on his profile Weibo, has published an image that shows two small puppets-gadgets of the World Cup in progress in Brazil, positioned on the PC. Perhaps (or maybe No!) The Chinese manager forgot to leave the yellow post-it, above which the price of the Nubia Z7 is indicated.

Universal Z7

The Chinese colleagues of they noticed the post-it and, annoyed, they decided to enlarge the image in correspondence of the sheet managing to discover the price of the Z7: a really high figure, (whereas this should be the price on the Chinese market) ben 3456 Yuan (approximately EUR 409).

That of the manager Nubia was a mistake, who can say? Anyway the post has been deleted!