Nexus 9, here is the new Google tablet

Nexus 9

The conference Google I/O you are approaching. That the Silver line would have replaced sooner or later that Nexus seems now obvious, the latest rumors had denied even the possible launch of the successor of the Nexus 5. But what's true? Is the Nexus 5 really the latest Nexus device? It just seems not! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Google Nexus 9 o HTC Volantis, as you prefer!

According to information released by friends of AndroidPolice, the future tablet of Googl, produced by HTC, will feature on display from 8.9 inches 2048 x 1440 pixels (281ppi), processor Nvidia Tegra K1 at 64bit, 2GB RAM, memory from 16 / 32GB with front camera from 3 mega-pixels, back from 8 mega-pixels with technology OIS and front speakers.

Nexus 9

Most likely, the design we see is destined to be modified. According to rumors the HTC Volantis should be made of metal, the one in the picture seems to be built using plastic.

To read the price list you understand that the attention to detail and the quality of the materials will not be exactly the same as the previous devices. The choice of HTC, in fact, is not by chance, as well as the timing of the rest: the Nexus 5 was launched in November, the first devices of the Silver line will arrive already in the 2015, in the middle there was a clear gap from cover up.

here are the prices:

  • 16GB WiFi - $199 $399
  • 32GB WiFi - $299 $499
  • LTE version - over 600 $