JiaYu G6 octacore, the review of GizChina.it

JiaYu G6

Today we present in absolute exclusive Italian the complete review of the JiaYu G6, the new Phablet of JiaYu that mounts the octacore chipset Mediatek MT6592 from 1,7 Ghz.

We want to thank you eJiaYu.it, official dealer for Italy of JiaYu products, for sending the sample and, as always, for making available to you readers an exclusive discount, usable with code GIZJIAYUIT on all the products in the store.

JiaYu G6 octacore, the full review of GizChina.it

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The JiaYu G6 is a smartphone made in two different versions: a model of 1GB of RAM with 16 GB of internal memory, and one (the Advanced version) with 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. The phone does not have an expansion microSD slot. The version that we will see in this review is the Advanced one, that is the one with the supplied 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory.

But let's see them full specifications of the JiaYu G6 octacore

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JiaYu G6 octacore: Design

We have already talked about the design of the JiaYu G6 in unboxing and it is useless to stress again that this smartphone is really stunning. Once again JiaYu has created a very original device.

The device will be launched in two different colors: black (what you can see in this review) and white.

JiaYu G6

In the back we find the 13 mega-pixel camera made by Panasonic, surrounded by a chrome ring and equipped with LED flash. We also find the JiaYu emblem and logo in the central part of the body and, at the bottom and top right, the system speakers, an excellent "stereo" solution especially for lovers of gaming and, more generally, multimedia.

JiaYu G6

JiaYu G6

On the right side we find, in order, the volume keys, the power button on / off and standby, the two removable trays for inserting the SIM and the micro USB slot.

JiaYu G6

On the left side, however, we find the jack 3,5 mm for the earphones, covered by the pin to be used for the extraction of SIM trays.

JiaYu G6

Based on the microphone only.

JiaYu G6

the upper part is completely "clean".

JiaYu G6

At the front we find the camera from above 8 mega-pixels made by Sony, the brightness and proximity sensors, the notification LED, with different colors but not settable, and the ear capsule.

JiaYu G6

On the chin the classic 3 backlit touch keys with a slight vibration effect at the touch (not a “dedicated” vibration, but a general vibration of the device).

JiaYu G6 octacore - 5.7 inch FULLHD display

JiaYu G6

The display with which the JiaYu G6 is equipped is a crystal clear OGS panel, with FULLHD 1920 1080 pixel resolution and very well defined colors. I repeat what has already been said in other reviews: although I am now used to using smartphones with FULLHD panels, this one of the G6 still impressed me in a positive way. The panel is in fact extremely bright and sharp, despite having a 5.7-inch diagonal. Obviously it is an IPS and in fact it shows an excellent angle of view that touches 180 ° (we are about 178 °).

JiaYu G6

The images are reproduced in an excellent way, with a very high level of definition and sharpness. The colors are bright and well balanced. A display, therefore, of excellent quality, which will guarantee you a very good user experience.

The touch is also excellent, very fluid and absolutely free of Gost Touch.

The brightness sensor is also very precise in the adjustments, with excellent reactivity both in conditions of strong light and in those of deep darkness. The display is also protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and can also be used with gloves and wet fingers (LTPS technology).

JiaYu G6 octacore: Performance, Benchmark and Gaming tests

Benchmark Antutu: 25.304 points

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3DMark benchmark: 6.532 points

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Benchmark Quadrant Standard: 14.979 points

Benchmark Quadrant on JiaYu G6

Benchmark Epic Citadel: 52 fps

Benchmark Epic Citadel on JiaYu G6

Benchmark Nenamark 2: 58,3 fps

Nenamark2 benchmark on JiaYu G6

Vellamo Benchmark - Browser: 2.567 points

Vellamo benchmark on JiaYu G6

Benchmark Anomaly 2 - 118.927 points

Anomaly 2 benchmark on JiaYu G6

GFX benchmark

GFX benchmark on JiaYu G6

JiaYu G6 octacore, Gaming test

In the Gaming tests the JiaYu G6 confirmed what was said before regarding the excellent performance offered by the octacore MT6592 chipset in particularly elaborate games from a graphic point of view, such as, for example, Dead Trigger 2 and Real Racing 3. From this last title I propose a video test:

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JiaYu G6 octacore: Telephone part and 3G navigation

Telephone reception is good and the volume of the audio in call in the ear capsule is quite good, even if at times it has proved tending to "metallic". However, what I am referring to could only be a software bug, also because, it should be remembered, the sample of the JiaYu G6 tested is a pre-production version of the device.

Moreover, this tendency of the audio to the metallic has been detected only sporadically and, consequently, it could be a bug not related to the reception of the telephone, but more to that of the operator used.

No bugs detected in 3G connectivity.

JiaYu G6 octacore: GPS navigation

Also for the JiaYu G6 I can confirm that the MT6592 chipset guarantees a very fast and stable GPS, this time however with the necessity of a first FIX, executed quite quickly.

JiaYu G6 octacore: WiFi reception

Excellent WiFi reception of the JiaYu G6, very stable and powerful.

JiaYu G6 octacore: Bluetooth

The JiaYu G6 bluetooth works well. Also in this case it was tested, with positive result, with the apparatus installed in my car.

JiaYu G6 octacore: Camera quality

The Panasonic 13 Mega-pixel camera made of the JiaYu G6 allows, like most of the sensors mounted on current smartphones, the creation of excellent shots in good / medium lighting conditions. It is not possible to say the same thing for photos taken in low light conditions.

But let's see some examples:

Like most of the latest generation of smartphones, even the camera of the JiaYu G6 offers the best in the implementation of the macro.

Photo taken with JiaYu G6

As anticipated in the introduction, the photos taken in low light conditions are not of the same level. In fact, a certain "noise" in the shot is clearly visible, even if the sensor seems to capture enough light.

On the other hand, the photos taken in "average" lighting conditions are very suggestive:

The flash is excellent. In the shot spreads the light in a very uniform manner on all the elements portrayed, even in the presence of reflective surfaces.

Here are other photos taken:

JiaYu G6 octacore, video test at 1080p

The video recording at 1080p is also very good. It is, in fact, excellent focus, good pan, and very good performance of the device in shooting against light.

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The JiaYu G6 also plays all popular video formats, including divx and mkv, with excellent audio and bitrate (in the video review you can watch a playback test in .MKV).

JiaYu G6 octacore: Battery

The JiaYu G6 comes with a non-removable 3500mAh battery, an option that most likely will not make most JiaYu fans happy.

In these days of testing the battery of the JiaYu G6, after the first 3 canonical full charge cycles, showed a truly excellent autonomy, giving me the possibility to arrive safely until the evening, even in the face of a very intense use of the device.

As always, I underline, summarily, what I mean by intense use:

3 push email accounts, lots of text messages, whatsapp messages, Facebook and hangouts, about 1 hours of voice calls, gps navigation of about 35 minutes, bluetooth always active, wifi enabled for many hours, about 30 minutes of gaming, some photos you will see in this review and much more.

In the face of such intense use I arrived at 22.00 with the 15% of remaining autonomy, with about 14 hours of general activity of the smartphone and 4 hours of display on.

JiaYu G6 octacore, the review of GizChina.it


With this G6 JiaYu has confirmed to be a company that is characterized by a progressive and constant growth, thanks to which it is being imposed in the Chinese mobile telephony sector.

This growth is mainly due to its well designed and implemented devices, like this JiaYu G6, a 5.5 inch phablet with octacore chipset and 2GB of RAM, which will soon be available on eJiaYu.it, or the store of the official dealer for Italy that ships directly from our country, offers 24 months warranty and Italian assistance and, as always, has reserved an exclusive discount for you readers, usable through the voucher GIZJIAYUIT.