Google Search 3.5.14 brings the 'Ok, Google' feature to every device

Ok Google function

Google has updated the Google Search app, bringing new voice search capabilities to all Android devices.

As you already know, the "Ok, Google" function offers the possibility of using voice commands when you are on the home screen, but not when you already have some applications open. The new Google Search update, which comes in the 3.5.14 version, will be released soon, introducing the possibility of enabling the "Ok, Google" command on any screen in the system.

New toggles in the application settings will allow you to use the keyword for the voice assistant even on the lock screen or when using other applications. The other news of the update is the introduction of the chronology of voice commands, which should increase the accuracy of future awards.

The update is not yet available from the Play store, but you can install it via the apk available on phandroid.