GiveAway - iOcean X8, part 2 and 3

iOcean X8 camera

Here are the new four questions of the Giveaway organized by the international staff of with up for grabs the top of the range iOcean X8 octa-core.

We join the excuses already presented by the team for reporting together the 2 ° and the 3 ° part of the contest, unfortunately, the bloggers of have been the object of a connection problem yesterday.

iOcean X8

If you are looking for a high-end phablet with 8-core processor, 2GB of RAM, Full-HD display and dual-SIM support, this giveaway could be for you.

Il contest started two days ago with the 1 part, today continues with four really simple new questions. To reply you can consult both our site, sifting through the news about the Océan X8 octa-core, and the official website We would like to remind you that all answers include one and only one letter, or the initial letter of the answer to the question.

  1. What is the name of the company that produces the X8?
  2. In which place of a city could you see a Gorilla?
  3. Phrase to complete: The iOcean X8 is equipped with a micro slot and _______ SIM
  4. Phrase to be completed: As reported on, the iOcean X8 is equipped with a 2650 mA battery

NB: The answers should not be entered in the comment box below but momentarily annotated in a separate sheet.

Good Luck!

We remind you that the staff of is not responsible and organizer of the contest object of this article. For this reason, for any questions or inquiries concerning the contest, we invite you to contact the staff of